Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Small flower, another way to add beads?

This was my intented post today. Got lost because of this chain I promissed to try/do/test.
A small flower, more like a violet, but this is just because of the colors.

Get your material toghether: thread (Tenax 30 /Lizbeth 40) , 1 shuttle and 1 ball (CTM), 35 seed beads (I used 11 Toho delicas). This time you will really need a beads threader or something appropriate (this tiny wire foldet in half is just perfect). A crochet hook will not be enough, trust me.
Pattern? the most boring ever: inner ring and then, round 2, all chains.
For a 5 petals flower you must string the seed beads to make the 5 centers for the petals.

1. String 4 seed beads

2. Take 3 more beads

3. Pass the threader through the previous beads so the last 3 becomes a picot. 

4. Snug. It shoud look like this.

5. Repeat 5 times. 

6. Work the inner ring with these beads in the loop (you will use them as beaded picots, marked B): 3 B 3 - 3... repeat until you have used all the beaded "stems", finish with 3 ds, snug, close ring. 

If you must move the beads, do not worry, just hold the bead on top and move it in the direction you need. You will be surprised how easy they are to move. 

7. Start chain, you will use only lock joins: 12 + 7 + 12 +- Feel free to adjust them to fit your thread and beads. 

8. Cut and hide the ends. Mine are not yet done. 

This little flower will get some sisters and will end up on a bracelet. But with some planning, it can give a delicate pair of earrings, a necklace.  You can also play with the colours for the beads: 

Notice the feelers? They are done with the same method. 
Happy tatting, have fun!


  1. Wonderful idea!!! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  2. Wow! Molto, molto bello ed originale!!!

  3. Voilà une idée et une technique très intéressante !

  4. Love it Corina - thanks for sharing yet more inspiration :-)

  5. Thank you all. I hope you will find this idea an use ;) .

  6. Thank you for sharing your precious technique!!
    I'll tat the flower and dragonfly you taught.
    Thank you!!!!!!

    1. Thank you that you visited my blog. Happy that you found something to tat.

  7. I tatted this flower as I said.

    Now I'm tatting your dragonfly.
    Thank you, again!

    1. They are beautiful! Seing yours, I fell like doing some more of these.