Sunday, July 6, 2014

Bits of technique: split rings with beads in between (diamond shape)

I am normally not too much into the theory, but because I want to post here a pattern (the dragofly), I really need to make this intermezzo.
Remember this set?
The middle part is just rings with the pearl ont he thread. This is not interesting me now. What I need are those split rings with the beads disposed as diamond in between. 
Long story short: it is a 2 shuttle project, CTM is perfect. You have to string beads on both the shuttles. Shuttle 1 will have, as a proportion, 3 times more beads as Shuttle 2. All the ds given are just for the sake of the demonstration. In the diagramms the beads have 2 different colours just to show from which of the shuttles are coming the beads. 

Shuttle1 : start ring with 1 bead in the loop: 16 close. The bead will stay on the core thread at the closing point of the ring. 

Shuttle 1: take 3 beads. 1 bead will come next to the ring, make loop with the other 2, work the first half of the SR (8ds). Lower 1 bead from the loop at the base of the ring, keep it in place. Take Shuttle 2, bring from this shuttle 1 bead at the ring, start the second half of the ring (8 ds). You should see the diamond formed. Close ring. The remaining bead from the loop will be the base of the next diamond. 

I needed to make this small tutorial for the tail of the dragonfly. Otherwise, that blog entry would have been a monster one. 
Have fun tatting. I know you will. 


  1. Thank so much for sharing your talent!

  2. That is a great set!!! Thank you for sharing!!! :)

  3. I think your method is very innovative,
    cause it enables us to add beads in diamond shape without unwinding threads.

    So, I wanted introduce it to my fellow Korean tatters.
    First, I made a bracelet and a ring applied your method to.

    Then, I send detailed explanation and photos about your method by email to my 24 friends who wanted make them.
    I demanded uploading their article on their blog or mine until December 31, 2014.
    The first article was uploaded :

    Thank you for sharing your precious methods and tips.

    1. Hi Lee Theresa. This is not my method. I just did not keep it only for me. I am just happy to see that it is helping !

    2. Then....whose method is it?
      Anyway, I learned the method from your blog, and it is very helpful.
      Thank you, again.

    3. Lee, I have no idea. But I found it in a book of Irina Astratenko. I am sure, though, this technique is older.