Sunday, April 6, 2014

New bracelet

While making the test with the Range 30 metallic thread from Edda, I made these flowers (see pattern here).
And I had somehow an idea how to use them. I make a lot of tests for patterns, the good ones end in a box, waiting for the idea to settle down. This idea, though, came pretty fast, while making the pictures for the step by step tutorial.

So, starting point:

Used the rough pattern of the bracelet with the white and the silver thread to make the bracelet base. It was actually nice without any add. I changed the ds, because this time the thicker thread was making the wavy line. 

I worked one 2 more flowers (to have the same colour of the seed beads for the petals). I really wanted to chase away the monotny of the brown and cooper tones, so I used the metallig green flower and I made a dark brown one. I decided to lighten it up with yellow. 
Material used: dark brown Brildor 40 (strand of 4), Range 30 metallic thread, seed beads (11), acrylic pearls (4 mm), invisible thread (one has to sew this flower spray...)

The result: 

Not that bad. I do not have any bronze clasps, so it has to wait until tomorrow.
Happy enough and while finishind it, got more ideas. With different colours it will become a very "springy" bracelet.