Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Necklace "Joie" pattern

I wanted to made some time ago a tatted bracelet. I saw a nice Ankars bracelet from Maranta and I want to do something similar. Of course it is far away from the original, I am not at that point ... yet. Short story: I started as a bracelet, after the beads it shrunk somehow so it ended up as an asymetric necklace:

I made it out wit orange silk thread and then sewed the beads (cristals, pearls and coral beads).
It is a 2 shuttles pattern, because it has split rings in.
Here is the rough pattern:
The first part is easy, if you are familiar with the complexe ring on ring method. The difficulty comes at the second part of the chain. In order to make the rings on the same side of the work, you have 2 possibilities. You work the bigger ring (the one marked with red) and then:
a) you don't turn work and work the rings 20 - 20 and 15 - 15 and join them with reverse join..
b) you turn the work, and work the rings (making sure that they are aligned UNDER the big ring) with normal join.
The second way was difficult for me and the rings did not close as I wanted them to close... You could make it better, I'm sure.
It will happen every second element...
As you see, for the trefoil you can choose to make or not the picots (8-8-8-8 or 8-16-8). After the split ring,  do not reverse work. The chain should be like this:
Of course you can change the number of ds as it pleases you, especialy for the chain. If you have a good thread wich allows you to work a stiffen lace, you will have no problem with larger chains. I was also tempted to join the bigger ring to the chain, but I did not like the effect.
Once you have the lace, you can play with the beads.