Sunday, November 18, 2012

New technique

Long time nothing happened here, I know. I was in studying and practicing mood...
Since some time I was wandering how the Russian Tatting creators are doing the beauties they do. Mistery solved after a loooot of browsing, reading and sometimes starring at Russian alphabet. It is so nicely keept, this secret, but once you got the basics, sky is the limit.
Here I started: Karen Cabrera's YouTube lessons, Ankars basics.
Than the rest is hard to explain, because it toke me a while to find the trick. After this link given by Gabi Vallejo (I cannot thank her enough), all got really simple. In fact, is just carefully tatting with polyester thread (adding some beads as picots or joins) and then simply sewing the beads!
My first attempt was this bracelet:
Still a lot to improve.  Especially by finding the right thread, this Anchor 12 (perlé) is not doing it. 

This second attempt is better. Here you have it before the tatting turns into Ankars.

 I am far away from what Irina Astratenko, Alla Vizir (by far my favourite) or Rina Stepnaya are doing, but eventually I will get there.

I will keep trying, Just love tatting ang beads give some glam to it. And, most of all all the pieces are unique, therefore special.