Sunday, August 24, 2014

Pattern or guide for the blue beaded bracelet

I revisited a small piece I did some time ago, made some small changes and it is not that bad as a result. 
This time it seems complicated, it is not. 

2 shuttles project, you must string the beads before: shuttle 1: 32 beads, shuttle 2: 9 beads. This amount may vary, according to your needs, to your thread.
Basic pattern: start with the inner rings then make the chains. I told you: simple and easy.

bp : the diamond beaded picot.

Shuttle 1
R1: 10 bp 9 - 1, close, do not turn work.
R2: 1 + 9 bp 9 - 1, close, do not turn work.
R3: 1 + 9 bp 10, close turn work.
Start chain:
15 - 1 + 6 + 16 + 16 + 6 + 16 + 16 + 6 + 1 - 15.
All the lock joins will be done in between the beads, but this you saw already. And if you worked the beaded flower from last year, there is no secret anymore.

You take from the shuttle 1 the next 8 or 9 beads (depending on your thread, beads) and climb to make the next element. You work the inner round (shuttle 1) the same way as before. 
When you need to start the chain, take from shuttle 2 the same amount of beads you used and climb to start the chain. Before you make the first join, the one with the picot you worked before, make sure to give a twist to the beaded chains. When you are happy with the result, just make the join. The rest is just the same: chains, lock joins...
This is the result. 
The original (black and red one) was worked with no join in between the rings. It is ok, but what I did not like: not that stable as this second one.
And if you ask how I placed the seed bead ar the begining of the chain, no, it is not a picot. I just had the bead on the thread, passed the thread through the chain, passed it again through the bead (in the other direction), filled my shuttle and did my chain. 
I like it, it is a happy project, it requires a bit of attention  without being too difficult. 
Again, do not stick with the amount of ds I gave. They fitted my thread (the Penny 30 this time) and my beads (Toho 11.0 rocailles ), for a Lizbeth 20 and other beads you must definitely adjust! But the principle is there, and this is more important than a fixed pattern. 
Hope it helped a bit. Happy tatting.