Sunday, September 8, 2013

Second experience in the Virtual Showroom

In July I found a Facebook page, a pretty interesting one. It is Revista promocionarte. I was intrigued my the name, I adore this kind of wordgames, anagramms to be more accurate. For the non Spanish spoken, I will try to explain it. Promocionarte can be read in 2 ways: promotion + arte (easy to understand) and promocionar te (to promote you). Got it? Studying psychology was a good move for the admin, Carmen Moreno Martin. Great trick! At least it worked for me.

What is she doing? She is also a crafter, and a good one. But she had also the brilliant idea to make a platform where crafters can meet and interract. There are 2 ways, one is the blog: and the other one is the Facebook account: Not only she helps the other ones, but she manages somehow to bring them toghether in a dymanic way.

Every month she organizes an event: this Virtual Showroom. The idea is to promote yourself and to promote the other ones too. Not that new, as an idea. I was even skeptic in July. But it paid off. Thais Arias from the radio broadcast El Día  (Al día con la moda) contacted me because she found my pieces interesting. It was an live interview on the 24th of July of 10 minutes, a least it seemed that long for me. I would have loved that Carmen herself could have been there. After all, it is her idea and she is the speaks better Spanish than I do.

In September I'm in again. I could not miss it. Part, SEO stuff, but mainly I want to show that with tatting we can make so beautiful pieces, unique ones. If I manage this, I will be happy. This was the collage I made to present my work:

I am happy that a member of the CanaryIslandsTeam from ETSY is also part of this adventure. She is Ana Fernandez Alarcon from LindaPaula. Funny thing: she WANTS to move to tatting! Yupppy!

The event will end this midnight. Then, time to move on. 
I have to finish some pieces I will post them next week.