Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Rings'n beads

Thread. Not much of it. Some delicas (11, Toho) 1 bit bigger crystal or pearl, any bead you like. 2 shuttles. It is all you need to make this:

Some remarks are necessary. I wil explain the principle, but you must adjust the amount of beads according to your project. See the beads around the white bead? They are 3 or 4 depending on the size of the bead I used. Between and for every ring, you will use 2 beads. So multiply by 2 the split rings you want to make and you will have your seed beads for the split rings. Except 1. That one you will not use. 

Now fill the shuttle with all the seed beads for the split rings, add the seed beads for the pearl, place the pearl then finish with the seed beads for the other side of the pearl. You will use the the continuous thread method, so think about the thread for the second shuttle too. 
You should be ready. 
Main shuttle, the working one, is the one with the seed beads on it. We assume you need 3 seed beads for the pearl. 
Let 3 seed beads + the pearls + 3 seed beads fall on the second shuttle. 
Start R1 with the working shuttle, take 2 seed beads in the loop before starting to tat. 

R1 (SR with 2 seed beads in the loop) 16 / bead from the loop, 16ds, close. 
Work 16 ds. Drop shuttle 1, bring 1 seed bead at the base of the ring. Take shuttle 2, place the group of beads and the pearl in position and start to tat the second half of the split ring: 16 ds (yup, the unflipped ones). Close ring. The remaining seed bead will stay on top of the ring. 

Ring 2: Shuttle 1 (with 2 seed beads in the loop): work 14 ds. Drop shuttle. 
Shuttle 2: bring bead at the base (see the group of 2 seed beads is formed), tat the other 14 ds to finish the split ring. Close. Again the remaining bead stays on top of the ring. 
You just continue. 

For the earrings I used the proportion: R1: 16 ds, R2: 14ds, R3: 12ds, R4: 10ds. I finished with 1 bead in the loop, made a12 ds ring, closed, hid the ends. Added the earring wires. 

For the bracelet, I reduced by 1 ds, to have the lenght I wanted. Before I started, I placed all the seed beads on the shuttle, then passed the thread through the pearl, added again 3 seed beads. Filled the second shuttle with this end (so I have CTM). 

Have fun!
If you are in the search for fast projects, this can be on your list for sure.