Saturday, May 28, 2016

Assymetrical earrings

Too long... waited too long to make the pattern for the earrings. For some I just gave the rough written pattern  over Facebook. There you have it:
One shuttle pattern.
String some seed beads in the shuttle. No turn work what so ever. 20 minutes tat. Promise.

R1: 10 - 10.
R2: 10 + 5 - 10
R3: 15 + 5 - 20
R4: 20 + 5 - 25
R5: 25 + 38 - 2 (or how much you want, but keep the 2).
Rb: take a bead in the loop for the ring. work 2 + o large ring) 6 - 2 close. The bead stays at the base of the ring. Continue until you have the nice curve needed for your bead.
As you see, 4 rings are also ok.

You can think avout working the last ring as a SCMR (2 threads).

The rest is ading the rest of the beads by sewing them. I added first the large one, then went back, added the light blue ones, came back and added the small seed bead... went back throught the large bead, added the bead in the R1. Secured thread. Done.

Have fun.