Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Snowflake pattern

Since some time I want to start to work some little thing for the holidays... The normal little stars, snowflakes, a small wreath. All good intentions, everything planned. And then I opened my beads box. Big mistake! I got the idea to use bugle beads. Never tatted with them before, so, why not?

First was the traditionl drawing... I was tempted to scan it but then I remember what my son told me: "Mom, you were good in geometry, but drawing it not your strenght." He gave me some ideas too. Funny how a tatting free mind can lead to nice tatting ideas. His idea will come too, because is quite nice and challenging.

I tatted in a hurry this:

I was really affraid that I copied at least partially the Ice Queen of Frivole, but no, I had the confirmation that I did not do it. So I can now post the pattern of this star... or snowflake... you tell me what it is. It is not difficult, the only thing wich can disturb a beginner are the paper clips to hold the beads. You can skip them, bu measuring correctly the very large picots you will have to make.

You will need 2 shuttles, 12 bugle beads, a paper clip and a fine hook.
First of all, this would the way you add the bugles. I hope it helps.


Then the pattern. It has 3 rounds. The first 2 rounds are here.

Round 1
Ring: 6 ds s times with 5 small picots in between.

Second round: 
Split ring: shuttle 1: 6 vlp (2 bugles) 3 ds. repeat the same with the second shuttle. Do not turn work.
Chain: 16 ds (you can adjust to 18). Turn work.
Start ring: 3 ds join to the bugle picot 6 ds join to the ring 6 ds vlp (2 bugles) 3 ds, close ring, turn work.

You have then to repeat this sequence. You will notice that the bugles are a bit longer than the chain. At least, with my thread, it was like this. So make sure the are all on the same side of the work.

After the last chain, you have the rosette done. Make lock join and move to the next round.

Third round
This one is also easy.
Chain 16 (you can add more or make less). Turn work.
Start ring with the core thread: 6ds join in between the 2 bugles 6 ds, close, turn work.
Take the other shuttle and work the trefoil.
Finish with chain 16 and make lock join.

Hope it is understandable.
You have to adjust the ds according to your thread (and the bugles!) I used Frecia 12 and 5mm long bugles. Try to make sure that the bugles have the same size. In my case I had to choose them... And do not rush like I did... If not, the trefoil will not be that nice and the second part of the chain has not a nice start.
The snowflake is stable due to the bugles. Formine, I just have to fix it a bit, because of the uneven small rings. The next one was already better.

Hope you will like it and you will have no problem to follow the pattern.