Monday, October 29, 2012

Cambio de lengua o no?

Escribir en español o en inglés? Pienso desde un par de días en cambiar de idioma... No sé... los navegadores hoy en día proponen la traducción automática pero tengo experiencias cómicas con esta traducción automática. Voy a tratar de hacerlo en inglés, tal vez resulta más fácil.

Today I have contacted the Artisan Association of Tenerife, maybe they can give me hint how I can expose legally my work before I register as crafter... This would be the next step I have to take, but I would not do it before it turns that it is somehow lucrative.
I wait now for the answer... I see all the time all kind of crafter fairs here but they are not at my reach before I do this registration. This is, I guess, the dilemma of every one of us: start a small bussiness before or after you know that some success chances are in there.
Till then, I am still working. I learned something new... not a big deal, but the effect is quite nice. Thread: no. 12, Anchor, black.

I will insert some more pearls on the next ones, just to see what it gives. Later on, maybe tomorrow, I will post them finished.
I wonder how the mixture soutache and this pattern would look like. Got to test this one too.