Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fringe... sort of

Corina tried to get in the snowflake mood. Toke a pattern tried to work it. Then she finds a lost thread of gold metallic Finca thread and the pattern gets forgotten. It is again one of the "Lets start the party" moments.
It did this:
See those threads? No picots cut at the end. Easy to see that the golden thread stay on the core thread. I do not know if this is already dowe and how. I am sure someone did it, but I did not see it yet. Please, if you identify a known technique, let me know, to give the right credits. 
My first test was done with simple macramé knots done on the core thread. Jane Eborall inspired me to try to use picots, when she mentionned the feelers for critters. And yes, I rushed to look at her superbe tutorials. Did not find yet this one. 
Main idea: who said that we can tat only beads into the lace??
What you need: 1 shuttle and a ball (CTM). A thread of a second colour.
Start by working chain on your shuttle with very long picots. As many as you estimate you will use. (my case: 7  x 6). The more even, te better. Cut those picots at the upper part, distribute them and just fill the shuttle. Treat them as beads. 

 Start tatting. When the moment comes (my sequence was 5 - 2 7 of those metallic thread fringes sep. by 1 ds, picot, 5, close) bring one of the knots with fringes in position then work the ds.
A bit uncomfortable at first but after a while, it gets better. It is sooo simple!!!
Keep only in mind that you will have to count this fringe as a ds... So you might need to re-think a bit before the pattern.

This little baby was done in less than 30 mins. Trim those fringes to give them a shape. 
I see this quite interesting for an aura for an angel, my husband suggested the winks for an angel, the snow as a border for a Christmas tree, a garland. 
Imagine a Josephine chain with fringes which get gradually longer... got your attention a bit?
Happy tatting.