Saturday, April 11, 2015

Long time not here

I have been absent for too long. I miss my tatting, since I cannot do it like I am used to do it. Lack of time. My tatting is reduced now to 2 to 3 hours. Much to little for all I have in mind to do. A lot of projects wait in the line. A final touch here, a "check this idea" there, At least 3 patterns are on the way. Still.
I finished some of the pieces I started. I will post some of the patterns here, as promissed.
I finished today a bracelet. I will offer the pattern, more the way to do it, it is not difficult.

Central part: separate elements. 1 shuttle only. 
r: 10 - 10, close, do not turn.
R:  10 +  8 - 8 - 10, close, do not turn.
r: 10 + 10, close, do not turn.
Rr: 10 + 10 - 10.
Repeat until you have a square element done.

Work so many of those elements until you get the desired length. 6 of them in my case.

Outer round. 1 shuttle and 1 ball. 
Prepare the shuttle with the necessary seed beads for the rings. As you can see, 8 seed beads between 2 of the squared motifs. All those get on the shuttle. I placed also 16 seed beads on the ball (in this case add 8 extra beads on the shuttle). I wanted to have a double chain o the ends, better finish for adding the clasps.
Start from the point indicated in the image.
R( with 4 seed beads in the loop): 15 + 10 bp 5, close, do not turn work.
R: 5 + (separating the beads1 down, 3 up) 10 + (to the next element) 15, close, turn work.
Chain: 20. lock join to the next element.
Chain: 20 snug, turn work.
Repeat until you reach the end of the elements.
Have a look of the finished bracelet:
We work now the ending. After you have worked the 20 ds, make lock join.
Work chain: 25, make lock join. Do not turn work.
Work chain (with 4 beads ready): 3 bp (1 from hand, 1 from shuttle) 3 bp 3 bp 3 bp 3 snug, lock join to the next joining point of the element.
Work chain: 25, lock join to the picot from the other side.
Continue working the other side of the outer round.

The rest is up to you.
Feel free to change the ds for the outer round. My bracelet gos a nice, concave (or convexe) shape. And because of the Penny 30, the lace is fine and very stiff.
Ennoying fact: so many ends to hide!!! You can, of course, use the magic trick, but since you will want maybe to place a bead in the middle of the elements, better not. Personal choice, in fact.
Have fun tatting.