Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Template attempt

I was asked to post the template for some of the small things I make. I never really bother to write down my ideas, I just tat them as they want to come out.
So I choose the Elements set and tried to make the pattern for it.

This is not that complicated. As you see, the element repeats itself. This is the reason I choose this one. 

To make the lace, you can use this: 
R1 : 10 - 7 - 39 - 15 close ring
turn work
R2: 17 join to R1 17 close ring
R3: 10 - join to R1 through R2 10 close ring
R4: 15 join to R1 15 close ring

Turn work
Use the same sequence for the second part of this element. 
Make sure that your picots are made at the right place.
If it is easier for you, you can work the fourth ring on the upper side of the lace, but you will need to to make an inverse join. 
I would advice to let both 15 - 15 rings at the end, like this the element closes nicely. 

As you notice, there is no bead added yet. According the Ankars technique, you will sew them, as many as you want, where you want. 

Mine was like this, sewed with the same thread as tatted. Make sure your sewing will be like for the hiding the ends. As for the beads choice, I would do the lace first and then pick the pearls. or you can tat the first ring so your preffered bead fits in. 

Please let me know if there are some mistakes in the pattern, it is my first attempt.