Friday, April 4, 2014

Pattern for 1 beaded flower

I received some thread from Edda Guastalla and I had to test it. I was always in the search for the perfect thread for what I want to make. Coton is good, Lizbeth is acceptable (please, Lizbeth fans, do not be offended), my Brildor is perfect but the thread is so thin (120), that I have to make a strand of 3 or 4 to get a decent size to tat with.
Why polyester? Simple.
For jewelry with beads we’d better have a thread wich will not fray during the work, it has to be more resistent as the cotton because the beads can always damage the thread. Polyester can have a very good shine, it will not change colour in time, it is stiffer, the stitches are regular always and it is easier to wash.
On the other hand, I tat a loooot ANKARS style, so cotton is not the thead I need. From the thread from Edda I fell in love in the Penny one. I can do whatever I want, it will not fray, not loose consistency, it will not brake when I have to make and close large, monster size rings. And the colors are just spectacular.
Last days I posted the tests. 
This one, I really like, I made already the white pair, just have to finish it:

For the last one, the flower with the metallic thread I made the step by step instructions. Somenone wanted it. It is not an original motiv. It appeared in a Japanese book and you can find it in L’orina’s work (by the way, she tats a lot from these Japanese books). 

Difficulty: very easy, beginner
Material used:

Thread Range 30, brown
48 seed beads (size 15)
Shuttle and ball / 2 shuttles (I would advise, actually, for the daring ones, because of the Catherine Weel join)
Beads threader (sounds impressive, it is not)
Crochet hook
Good light.  Honestly, don't laugh, you need it.


1.       You can use any thread you wish, any beads you want, but you will need to adjust the ds for the outer chains. Just tat the chain until it curves a tiny bit on top of the beaded picot and make the join. This is the amount of ds you will use. Lees ds: the beads will refuse to lay, more ds, you will have an interesting clover effect (you can see it, I rushed with one of the petals). 
2.       I used a 4ds sequence for the ring, because I needed to make clear pictures. With this thread, a 3 ds base is perfect.

bp: beaded picot: 8 seed beads.
Prepare the material

String the seed beads, fill the shuttle. CTM.

Start ring with all the beads in the loop.

4  bp 4 p . Repeat this until you have the 6 beaded picots, finish with 4ds. Close ring, turn work.
Not difficult. 

Start chain. 11 ds join between the 4th and the 5th bead beads of the picot (in the middle) with the ball thread, make sure the shuttle thread stay in the center, so you can have a continuous core thread.
This would be the moment to make the Catherine Wheel join.  
Finish the chain: 11 ds. Make lock join (with the shuttle thread).

This should be the result.

I hope this is helpful. 
Have fun. It is actually fun to make a bunch of them and place them where you need them.