Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bracelet almost done

Remember it from the last post?
Recovery phase for me now, I'm posting for the times I did not do it.
So, I added the beads: Check cristals, pearls and tiger's eye beads. Still not happy with the right side (down here). But it deffinitely looks different than the last post.

Hobby or profession?

To make from your hobby a profession or not? This would be a good question.
Of course you need to support your hobyy, every hobby crafter knows that after a certain point, you have to refund your hobby. And this one is sometimes quite expensive, think about the beaders, for instance. Of course you can make presents from your work, but the question remains: to what point will you do it?
I read an advice today: let your passion at this point, otherwise you will end up by working for orders with no fun.
Is it true? I am still at the point when I have a lot of fun working for my orders. And I am happy to have the means to continue my game with thread and pearls. I would like, of course, to get to the next level, but then comes marketing in the equation. It was never my strongest side because I am rather shy with what I can achieve. I am not pushy, sais my husband. So I try to push...
And I continue to play with my material. Even with the ends of thread. And it gives sometimes this:

The main object will be a bracelet. I just have to add the beads (tiger's eye) and that's it.
The original pattern is here, I just adapted it to 2-8-2-8 both sides (I want it straight) and I just hid the thread by Rocaille seed beads. 

Long, long break in this blog. But not in my tatting.
I learned to know a bit more about the Ankars technique. The purists of the tatting will honestly say: this is not tatting, the lace is not purely lace. I like both techniques, each of them has its own purpose, therefore I will continue.
I used to hate complicated forms in jewelry but since I discovered tatting and saw the jewelry designed by the Russian artists, every single time I see a pattern and nice beads my mind gets wild. Funny how this what one thinks about himself changes.
Back to the working stuff.
I have tatted a small thing, just to learn how to make the Ankars basic layered rings. I gave me a small base in white 12 Anchor wich waited for further idea more than 1 month in my working basket. Ok, not quite a basket, more like a candy box.
And one evening, I wanted to practice Ankars sewing part of the technique, just so see how it is to be done. It gave this:

Of course I was not happy with the result (so imperfect! you see the horrible gaps in the middle?) so this object got back into the box for 1 week.
And then I got the idea of the cristals. But still did not know what it would become: Brooch? Necklace? I decided for a pendant. A simple chain, the simpliest I had in the house:

And then I tatted a backside to give it a neat finish and voilà, this is my very first Ankars pendant I can really present to you:

This other necklace is also finished and ended at my sisters neck. She tried it on and she said it will stay there: So I have to make it once again, because it is already posted on my Etsy shop, by ALittleMarket and Artesanio