Sunday, January 20, 2013

Long, long break in this blog. But not in my tatting.
I learned to know a bit more about the Ankars technique. The purists of the tatting will honestly say: this is not tatting, the lace is not purely lace. I like both techniques, each of them has its own purpose, therefore I will continue.
I used to hate complicated forms in jewelry but since I discovered tatting and saw the jewelry designed by the Russian artists, every single time I see a pattern and nice beads my mind gets wild. Funny how this what one thinks about himself changes.
Back to the working stuff.
I have tatted a small thing, just to learn how to make the Ankars basic layered rings. I gave me a small base in white 12 Anchor wich waited for further idea more than 1 month in my working basket. Ok, not quite a basket, more like a candy box.
And one evening, I wanted to practice Ankars sewing part of the technique, just so see how it is to be done. It gave this:

Of course I was not happy with the result (so imperfect! you see the horrible gaps in the middle?) so this object got back into the box for 1 week.
And then I got the idea of the cristals. But still did not know what it would become: Brooch? Necklace? I decided for a pendant. A simple chain, the simpliest I had in the house:

And then I tatted a backside to give it a neat finish and voilà, this is my very first Ankars pendant I can really present to you:

This other necklace is also finished and ended at my sisters neck. She tried it on and she said it will stay there: So I have to make it once again, because it is already posted on my Etsy shop, by ALittleMarket and Artesanio

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