Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas is coming...

Since some days I look at patterns for Christmas. It is quite fun to work on them and challenging. I still wonder how I can make them better. There must be a way.
I found some instructions, some patterns, ideas all over the net. It is incredible how much time one can spend just by browsing.
And this is the result...

This one is a small doily element.

This one is my very first mignonette tatted lace. 

They will be a nice variation for the ornements we have and they will make realy nice presents for our friends. 
And I keep tatting...

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  1. Hola Corina, estoy haciendo un post de Navidad asi q escogi esta entrada, espero q te guste la idea, aqui te dejo un enlace donde tengo los blog q me gustan !!
    besitos, Susana