Thursday, August 8, 2013

New tests and a small pattern

I was working these days with some pearls and Toho beads. It is quite challenging to strand them on both my shuttles and then couting them while making the lace. This was the ennoying part, actually. One bead too much or missing from the ring loop, and this was it... And since I used the Lavsan Thread, (a 3 strand), it was quite some pain. Result? This one:

 My husband declares that he loves this set more than the more complicated ones... I want to make it also in white, it would be perfect for a bride, I think.

And with this bracelet I played also with some pearls:

2 rounds
Ring 8 - 7- 8, turn work 
Chain 16, turn work
Repeat 4 times
Do not reverse work
String 1 pearl on the lower thread (shuttle) secure it with a paper clip. 
Start chain 7 - 7 (for my 3 mm pearl it was ok)
Do not reverse work 
Start ring... 
And so on. As simple as that. 
When you reach the desired lenght, you just make a complete rosette  (you might consider adding some ds between the 2 rounds, to avoid that the rosette curves). 
Long story short: 

The chain of the pearl shoud have the picot at the height of the join picots of the half-rosette from the first round. You might maybe, do one test according to the bead you will use. 
Have fun and let me know if there are mistakes in the pattern please.