Sunday, July 6, 2014

Dragonfly pattern

Now that the teacher in me knows that there is no step obmitted, I can post the pattern for the dragonfly.
Skills required: shuttle tatting, split rings, tatting with beads, optional.
It is a 2 shuttle project. The daring ones can also do it with 1 shuttle (Single Shuttle Spilt Ring).

Rough pattern:

R1: 12 ds.
R2: 8 / 8, cl, dnrw.
R3: 10/10, cl, dnrw. 
R4: 12 / 12, cl, dnrw. 
Sh. 1: R5: 25 - 15, cl, dnrw. 
Sh. 1: R6: 15 + 45, cl, rw. 
Sh. 2: R7: 25 - 15, cl, dnrw. 
Sh. 2: R8: 15 + 45, cl, dnrw. (or reverse, it is optional, but then choose the right shuttle)
Sh2: R9: 12 vlp 4 vlp 12, close, rw
Sh. 1: R10: 10 vsp 10, cl, rw. 
Sh. 2: R11: 10 + 10, close, cut, hide ends. 

Of course you can vary the ds to suit your thread. I worked it with something similar to the Lizbeth 40, so it is not too big. If you work with cotton, then you should definitelly re-think according to the maximim of the ds you can make for a ring. Or you trick it nicelly ad work chain, but for this, re-thinking of the beads sequence is necessary. 

Beaded variant: 

For this one, I strung on the shuttle 1 the beads for the antenae (as in this previous blog entry). 
Start stringing the beads: Shuttle 1: the 2 feeles then 11 beads , Shuttle 2: 11 beads. 
The result: 

In this case it is very important to work R9 with the Shuttle 1. 

For the purple variant: 

String the beads for Shuttle 1: the feelers + 24 beads, Shuttle 2: 10 beads. 
Between the split rings, you add the beads as described in the previous blog entry.

bs: bead brought from the shuttle (stays on the core thread)
bp: beaded picot

R1 (with 2 beads in the loop) 3ds bs 3ds bp 3ds bs 3ds close ring. 
R2: as described... 
R10: 3ds 7 bs sep by 2 ds, 3 ds close ring. 

Adding the beads, cristals is entirely up to you. My dragonfly will end up as a brooch. 

I have to thank Marisa di Mauro, she tatted the dragonfly only from the rough pattern, without having the ds given. Here is her variant. 
Happy tatting. 


  1. Wow this is great love everything about this little bug he is wonderful, Thank you so much for the pattern!

  2. Lovely dragonfly, thanks for the pattern!

  3. Beautiful and gorgeous dragonfly, Thank you for giving us the pattern

  4. Awesome dragonfly!!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful pattern!!! :)

  5. Happy that you like it. I know that if you tatted it "with your eyes", it is already something with this little bug.

  6. I am tatting your dragonfly still.
    By the way, Conrna, I haven't seen a dragonfly with feeler...
    Nevertheless I love your dragonfly very much and it seems to be more beautiful than real dragonfly. ; )

    1. It was about time someone tell it to me :) For the sake of the technique aspect of placing the beads, I let it. Can you help me rename the bug?

  7. Finally, I tatted your dragonflies:

    Rename the bug? No, no!
    It's an infalible dragonfly: furthermore beau~tiful dragonfly!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Lee Theresa, thank you not only for the links, but also for the beautiful things you do for the tatting world. I just saw your dragonflies, they are spendid!

  8. Corina, my friend who read my post let me know there are kinds of dragonfly with feeler.
    So, I searched:

    So~~, your dragonfly is real dragonfly!!

  9. Dear friend form so far away, I thank you so much! You definitelly made my day, Lee Theresa.