Monday, September 23, 2013

10 minutes tat

I had to finish the thread on a shuttle, so I played.

Pattern for a simple pair of earrings
1 shuttle pattern.
Fun fact: you can stop after various phases and you will still have something interesting.
Not difficult at all, fast to be done and if you have a young pupil, it is perfect to give it to her during the class... She will not feel that she made the folded join or the lock join, promise! 
I choose to make these instructions like this, with pictures, I know it helped me a lot when I found something in this form. Honestly, I spent more time by taking the pictures and to process them than for the actual tatting. 

This is all you need. The bead has a large hole, large enough to let the chain pass through.
Secure the begining of the chain with a paper clip.
Start to tat the chain.
60 ds.
Of course you can change the amount of ds as you like, this part will hang anyway behind your bext element.

What you need now is to place the bead. Mine has 1,5mm hole, enough to be strung on the chain.
Remove the paper clip and string the pearl.

Make join lock to close the chain and to form it as a ring.

Now start the flower.
7-7-7-7 in my case. I have a very fine thread, so my flower vill have max. 2 cm diameter.
Without the picots for the upper ring now you have a small ring, or pendant, right?
I continued. Still you can stop at this point, you will still have something to make a finished object.
But I continued. Now this could be a pendant… Or with a pearl still an earring.
But I finished my flower. I wanted it a six petal one.
Why? You can fold it, see?
And if yo add a pearl in a ring, it is happy enough.

Small, simple things may bring a lot a satisfaction. Remember when you made the first flower? This is the feeling you will never loose. I don't know you, but after I finish the simpliest flower, I take a break to feel it in my hands. Dumm enough.

Back to the pattern topic. I wanted to start to make some. Mined field, I know. I have already submitted 2 of them in my Etsy shop. They are very simple.

One of them is a beaded rosette. The pattern is simple but in the instructions I put clear explanations (diagrammed ones) of the beads placement on the shuttle (for 1 and for 2 colors) and the possible variations. It can be a pendant or, with some variations, a nice beaded snowflake.

The second one, is a flower, an orchid. This time it has the visual pattern and the pictures of the different prases.

Have fun! And if you decide to give a try to this 10 minutes pattern, please let me know. I am curious to see all your ideas, you are all sooo creative!


  1. Mi placer compartir. Dime si encuentras problemas en trabajarlo, si te animas.

  2. How wonderful of you to share this! Cute AND fast!

    1. Thank you, Nancy! It is fast. It is not that I like fast done things, but I like more the versatility of a pattern I find. And this little thingy is one of them. I am already thinking about a choker with more of these elements, different sizes, tatted toghether.

  3. Merci Corina pour ce partage ! Je recherche justement des petites créations rapides et faciles à faire...

    1. J'imagine, Aurélie. Tu le connaissais de toute façon, t'en rappelles-tu? les mauvaises photos... J'ai hâte de voir ce qui en sortira de tes mains. Bisous!

    2. J'espère avoir plus de succès qu'avec ton autre modèle... Celui-là je dois le recommencer, j'ai raté le dernier join, celui du grand ring... et comme je n'ai pas réussi à défaire ce dernier ring, pffffffff faut que je recommence tout ! Je trouve que ce modèle ferait une très belle broche mais je ne sais pas comment fixer le travail sur l'épingle de la broche. Sur les forums on parle de coudre... mais est-ce que ça donnera un beau résultat ? et solide aussi ? ... J'en suis pas sûre... Je cherche une solution. bonne journée à toi :) :)

    3. Aurélie, tu peux en toute tranquilité coudre la pièce de dentelle sur le support de la broche. Et si appliques de l'autre côté un petit élément toujours en frivolité (une fleur par exemple) dont les dimensions ne dépassent pas le contour de la broche, cela donnera un joli effet et tu peux cacher super bien les points de couture. Et je t'assure, c'est bien résistant!

    4. hmm je vais faire un test avec un autre travail en frivolité avant de me risquer à le faire avec ton modèle... j'ai peur d'abîmer le travail et de devoir une fois de plus le recommencer... Merci pour l'astuce :)

  4. Nice pattern!! Thank you for sharing!! :)

  5. Very nicely done. thank you for the pattern and instructions

    1. Thank you for your nice words. I learned from better tatters and tatting designers than me. I just try to find a way to share my fun I have with tatting.