Sunday, October 13, 2013

Blue medallion

I posted some time ago a test and someone wanted to have the pattern for the blue element. I do not know if it is 100% original,  the outerline was also used by various tating designers and making it around a trefoil is a simple idea. As for the white one, I did work it without a pattern, but later I found it as a part of an antique edging, so not that original.

Neverdeless, there you go, the pattern of the blue element I did. Used as such with a chain it is nice enough to make a necklace, if you make 3 of them, you have the same. In the pattern, I gave up the picots fromt he outer chains.. In my test it was meant to get some more elements added in a second round.

You will need 1 shuttle and a ball or 2 shuttles.

 Hope you will have fun with it. Please let me know if you encounter difficulties, if you decide to work it.

Visual pattern
Written pattern

R: 14 - 7, close
R: 7 + 20 - 7, close
R: 7 + 14, close
Do not turn work. 

 Actually, you can decide yourself if you turn the work or not. I noticed that for me it is nicer to turn the work, like this the next chain has a nicer start.  

 Start chain. 
30ds lock join to the first picot of the trefoil. 
30ds, lock join to the next picot. 
18ds vsp 12ds. 
Turn work. 

Start chain: 28 ds. 
Start ring: 5 + 5 vsp 2
Do not turn work. 

Start ring: 
2 + 5 vsp 5, close. 
Turn work. 
Start chain 28 ds. 

 Start the next trefoil, work it as the previous one. 
 You will not make any join to the what you worked before!
 Turn work and start the outer chains. 
12 join to the picot from the small ring, 18 ds lock join... 
 Starting this point everything repeats.
I could not make more than 3 elements, the edging tends to curve if you make the join picots of the outer chain after the sequence 18 - 12. If you are curious, you can divide this chain differently, it will curve less or at all. (I think 15 - 15 should give a straight edging).