Saturday, October 31, 2015

Necklace "Bow" pattern

Necklace “Bows”pattern

I played with 2 shuttles and some self closing mock rings, love it. Then I wanted to climb to the top of the SCMR with both threads and this is how the beads got in play. Made some elements, drunk some coffee, watched TV and then it hit me. Maybe you know it: take a small break, think that you are watching TV (tennis for me) but the brain is still tatting. Then the finger starts to draw in the air (this amuses my husband always) the the pattern starts to build itself.

2 shuttles, CTM, fine crochet hook, 5 mm rice mother of pearl beads. This is all you need. Skills required: nothing special, only not the be afraid to work stacked rings.

It gave this at first. It curves by it self a bit. First try: very fine black thread, the Penny 40 I received from Edda as a sample. By the way, she is a great tatter and I simply love her tatting solutions.  

The white one is worked with Penny 30 and Range 40 and it curves slightly more, some adjustments might be necessary if you work with different threads than mine. I would do it to the SCMR  the upper part (instead of a 5-5 I would work 2-3 or 2-3).

The pattern I will give you now is for 2 shuttles (Sh1: white, Sh2: silver), two colours.
Start with R: 20, close, do not turn. This is will be the clasp support one.

Sh1: R: 10 – 10, close, do not turn. Let Sh1 hang behind the ring, switch shuttles.  

Sh2: 10 + 5 – 15, close do not turn work.

Prepare to work the “collar ring” with Sh2. Turn the work 90 deg. to the left. Wrap the thread around the work and work ring: 15. Bring carefuly the end of this ring around the work and close. Do not rush if you want a nice, even finish. The thread from Sh2 must be now back where the collar ring startet.

Flip work 90 deg. to the right. Start SCMR (white: active thread, silver core thread).
15 + 5 – 5.
Add the bead to the loop pass the shuttle through the loop, close SCMR. Turn work.
Please take care about the beads you will use, the sharp edged may cause some troubles. You can avoid them by chosing  fire treated beads or by adding fire treated rocailles before and after your bead.

Work chain: 20. You can also change this to 15 or a bit more.  Snug, turn work. You can see now the back side of the work

Take Sh1: work ring: 10 + 10. Do not turn. Work the first ring from this series.

I kind of like this bow effect the rings create, worked with 2 colours it is more obvious. 
As I said, different threads and different beads, different effect. Play a bit with the pattern until you are happy with the result. 
I hope that I gave you a reason to grab the shuttles and that you will enjoy trying to work this pattern. 
Happy tatting. 


  1. Oh, so clever ! Love the little 'bow' effect with encircled ring. Thanks for sharing each step :-)
    ... and the finger writes on :-)

  2. So pretty! Good to see you still have time to do some tatting :). I have been busy lately too but hopefully I can do some tatting once school is over for the year. Thanks for sharing Corina :).

    1. Thank you Jenn. Hard not to tat, hard also to really find the time to finish the pieces. But I'll get to a rythm... eventually.

  3. C'est vraiment très intéressant comme façon de procéder. Merci!

    1. C'est en fait assez simple. Il faut simplement ne pas de hâter pour avoir les fils dans l'endroit voulu pour faire une transition douce. Et c'est assez rapide à travailler en plus. ;)

  4. Adorables petits noeuds, il faudra que je tente <3

  5. Muy bello el efecto me encanta,Muchas gracias por compartirlo

  6. Muy bello el efecto me encanta,Muchas gracias por compartirlo

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