Thursday, July 16, 2015

Small earring

Remember this one?


I played with the idea and the last one I uploaded. The basic idea is the same: 1 shuttle, all the beads strung previously. And with a crochet hook and some decorating beads, this is all you need.
Remember the small rings? You take 1 bead in the loop before you start the ring, work the ring and close it. The bead will remain on the core thread, at the base of the ring. If you are needle tatting, just work the ring and before you close it, take 1 bead and then close the ring. 

The left diagramm indicates the order of the work, the right one: the ds. Please note that you can adjust at any moment the double stitches and the small rings according to the thread, beads you use. You will feel it while you work it. 
I used a Brildor PB15 thread, a thin polyester (like an 80 size thread) blended with gold metallic Finca thread. 

1: R: 2 - 14, close, do not turn work. 
2: R: 3 dbp 2 dbp 2 dbp 3 - 3 dbp 2 dbp 2 dbp 3, close, turn work.
3: R (with 1 bead in the loop): 2 + 4 - 2, close ring, do not turn work. Repeat how many times you want, until you have a chain you like around the larger ring. Keep in mind that you must have space to work the 4th ring underneath the larger ring. In my case: 8 times. After the last small ring: turn work. 
4: R 2 - 6 + 8, close, turn work. 
5: R: 2 + (the the previous ring) 4 - 2, close ring. Make lock join to the picot from the previous small ring. Continue without turning work for as manny small rings as you wish. Last small ring will be a 2 - 6 one (no picot needed anymore). 
Now you can add the desired beads, by sewing them. 
Small remarks: 
- Do not rush when closing the small rings. It is not always easy to close them all the same. 
- Make the joining picots as small as possible. 
- While sewing the beads, use a fine needle and pass through the beads of the small rings. This will give more stability and stiffness to those chain-like elements.  Especially the longer one may need it. Pass through the bead, hide the thread between the ds, pass through the next bead. It takes time, but it is worth to do it. 

Have fun! 


  1. I love these earrings, lovely pattern, thank you for sharing

    1. Have fun, Magaret. And feel free to change it. There a lot of room to play around the idea!

  2. J'ADORE comme tout ce que tu fais.
    Merci mille fois pour ton partage.

  3. Talentueuse et généreuse, de belles qualités d'une grande frivoleuse! MERCI!

  4. You really make things elegant and fun to view! Thank You instructions!

  5. Corina, bon alors là je craque...

    Je partage entièrement l'avis de Claire... ta gentillesse pour le partage, tes explications claires et détaillées, peu de personnes le font.

    Attention mes navettes, je sens que vous allez reprendre du service d'ici peu ;) .

  6. Wow this pattern is amazing :) Your all pattern are very nice, Thank You instructions :)

  7. bei lavori a chiacchierino, brava ciao.

  8. Very cute ! Thank you so much for sharing your patterns again :-)

  9. Muy bien! Admiro su trabajo - son muy inspirador!

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    1. De rien, un plasir de vous provoquer à frivoler. ;)