Friday, January 31, 2014

Blue... Friday

I know I promised to write a bit more about the use of the bugles, but I wanted to do it with the right pictures and did not have the time. Yet.
I was in fact busy with finishing a necklace, a blue one. It stil waits for the last idea... The big tatting part is done, now the rest should come. And this is actually taking time.
Until I decide what pearls, what clasps, with chain or ribbon, I finished the thread from the shuttles. So I have a lot of small tests all with baby blue thread, with seed beads and bugles.



All here are tests. I am pretty happy with the flowers. They are actually not interlocked rings, it is simplier than this, but it has a nice effect. 

For the more "art deco" piece, I made a small pattern. It gives actually a nice pendant or earrings. If you skip the diamond beaded picot and join more of these elements, you can have a nice bracelet. I have to explore more... 

Back to the bugles... They are not as scarry as they appear. But you must pay attention: the edges of the holes are sharper as for the seed beads and sometimes they can fray the thread or cut it. Patience is needed. Or just add a seed bead at every end of a bugle bead. It does the job. 

This is the piece. It measures with my thread (like the 40 Lizbeth) 2,5 cm x 1,2 cm 

You need 1 shuttle, enough thread as for 4 small rings, 4 bugle beads and 4 seed beads. 

Fill the shuttle and string the beads as it follows: 

I marked how the beads have to be used while tatting too. Like this some of you can also follow a bit the logic af stringing the beads. Simple rule: the last ones to string are the first ones to use. 

Remember how to make the diamond beaded picot? 3 beads from the loop (or the second shuttle) + 1 bead from the core thread (the first shuttle). 

In the written pattern I used, among the usual symbols: 

|| :  bugles: one comes from the loop, the other one comes from the shuttle thread. 
 : diamond picot, 3 beads from the loop, 1 from the shuttle. 

So... Make a loop with 1 bugle, 3 seed beads, 1 bugle. 
R1: 5 ds - || 8 ds v 8 ds  || - 5ds, close, do not turn. 
R2: 5 ds + 10ds - 5, close. 
R3: Take in the loop 2 bugles and start the ring: 5 ds +  || 16 ds  || - 5ds, close.
R4: 5 ds + 10ds + (folded join) 5ds, close.

My version will have the small pearl in the middle. And for the next ones, 2 cristal drops, more or less like this: 


  1. Thank you for sharing as you do! My beads are 'packed' but as soon as our move is complete I look forward to working with bugles. I love tatting with beads and adding bugles will be so much fun, not to mention beautiful addition to any piece.

    1. Hello Nancy, it is a pleasure the share, I have to admit it. I am sure you will give it a try as soon as your beads will be able to see the sun light.

  2. So enjoyed seeing what you have made with bugle beads, I love working with them, hence the snowflake I designed this Christmas.
    Your little design does look so much like Art deco, thank you for the ideas, can't wait to see what you do next.

    1. Thank you, Sally.It is fun to test. The not so funny part is that I get lost... loose the track of what I wanted to do.

  3. This is great, and direction too! Love the color and the white pearl sets it off! Perfect