Sunday, August 18, 2013

Earrings with pearls

Everything added while tatting, this time.

1 shuttle and 1 ball / 2 shuttles
Thread used:  Anchor Freccia 20
4 mm pearls
4 seed beads 11 size
A tool to string the pearls
A paper clip

String the 4 seed beads on the ball (or the second shuttle).
T1: Start from the second ring of the first trefoil, like we will finish with a ring.  
R1: 6 + 6 – 6 – 6 close
R2: 6 + 6 – 12 close and turn work.
Take 1 seed bead from the ball /second shuttle, bring it at the base of the trefoil and start chain 9 – 9. Make lock join to the upper picot of the trefoil.  Turn work.
Take one 4 mm pearl string it on the ball thread, secure it with the paper clip.
Start chain: 8 – 8, tighten the chain. Carefully take out the paper clip and make lock join.  Do not turn work.
Start chain 9 – 9. Turn work.

T2. Start the second trefoil, as the previous.  The first ring will have a join where the chain and the pearl have the lock join. Finish the trefoil. Turn work.
Bring 1 seed bead from the ball at the base of the trefoil and start chain 9 – 9. Tighten.
String one  4 mm pearl on the ball’s thread, secure it with paper clip, tighten and start chain 8 – 8. Turn work. 

T3. Start5 trefoil. 12 ds, join both, pearls and picot from the previous trefoil, finish the trefoil. 
Turn work. Bring a seed bead fromt he ball /second shuttle at the base, start chain 9 – 9. Lock join to the trefoil. Do not turn work.
String one 4 mm pearl, secure with paper clip and start chain 8-8, tighten chain, lock join to the pearl. Do not turn work. 

Work chain 9 – 9. Turn work. 

T4. Start trefoil. Work 12 ds, join with the pearls and previous trefoil, finish trefoil. 

Turn work. Bring the last seed bead of the base of the trefoil, start chain 9-9. String one 4 mm pearl on the ball’s thread, secure as before… Do not turn work and start chain 9 – 9. Turn work.
Cut the thread from the ball and start a ring (12 +6+6+6). With this ring you can hide the end of the thread cut from the ball. Work 12 ds join both pearl and picot, folded join to the first ring you worked, 6 ds, close. Finished.

Please feel free to adjust the amount of ds according to your pearls. When you make the first time the chain around the pearl, work the chain until you are, more or less at the half of your pearl, make the picot and finish. Like this, the distance between the pearls and the chain will not be too big.

To string my pearls, I used this broken guitar string given by my son. See in the other post what I am talking about. 
This is my prototype, without seed beads. It is stable, does not twist. The seed beads are not only ornamental, they allow you ti bring toghether the 2 threads for a better finish. With my thread it got a nice shape.
There might be some mistakes. Please let me know if there is something difficult to follow.


  1. Hooo Merci Corina, à essayer après mes vacances car maintenant j'ai trop de choses en cours et les vacances approchent.
    Bisou et merci pour ton partage.

  2. Salut Titine, que tu profites des vacances et que tous tes plans prennent la forme que tu veux. Je sais que je verrai quand tu auras travaillé ce schéma ;) .

  3. Esta Precioso Corina, ya lo comparti en Pinterest, espero q te visiten mucho,


  4. Hola, Susana. Gracias. Cuando te animas a aprender el frivolité? Se puede hacer con una aguja de crochet también... Quedaría muy bonito combinarlo con tus bufandas.

  5. beau design ces boucles d'oreilles et merci pour le pattern :) :)