Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pattern for a small element

I am still in the search of patterns... all day long. But the ones I want, the Ankars ones, are nicelly hidden, for a good reason. I found some, like all of the ones interested in it, but just copying is not that funny.
The patterns wich really helped me understand were the one I call "for dummies"... the picture ones. I guess they have a name, did not find it yet.

So I played with my tatting and my phone camera. I put the result toghether in a pdf file. It is just an element of a bigger piece, the tricky part of it. It involves the ROR, both of them. It is not that difficult, but there are some parts where full attention and a lot of patience are needed.

Pattern and instructions for a small tatted element. I used it as a lower part of a earring pair.
The thread used for the pattern is not the ideal one, a polyester thread  brings a better effect. 

Here you have the link, since I have no idea how I can upload a PDF file in the blog. 

Please let me know if there is something to correct. 


  1. Merci Corina, c'est super beau, mais le lien ne fonctionne pas, snif, snif :)
    Titine (Irène De Roo)

  2. Multumesc pentru tutorial Corina!

  3. Cu mare drag, Lotus. Sper sa fie destul de clar de urmarit.

  4. Hoooo merci Corina, c'est super, je me lance encore aujourd'hui, c'est trop beau.
    Mille fois merci pour ton généreux partage.

  5. Un immense merci Corina ! même si je n'y entends encore rien du tout, j'ai enregistré ton schéma, dans l'espoir d'arriver un jour à le réaliser.

  6. Tu y arriveras, j'en suis sûre. Prends Titine comme prof, elle saura t'initier à la frivolité à la navette et tu peu à peu, tu verras, tu sauras faire les modèles plus compliqués.