Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Snowflakes this time

I got into the Christmas fever. Last week I went to a small craft fair here, in Puerto de la Cruz and I found out the conditions to present there my work. Nothing so scarry. But I only need to tat some more little things at least as duplicates. This week end will not hapen, but the next ones I want to go... Unlike most of you, I never saw the reaction of actual people in front of a table full of tatting. Would they even stop in front of it?
Since Christmas is almost here, I really have to rush with this kind of pieces.
I will have to re-do some of the ones from last year. It is crazy how long they can take to make a decent amount of them!


The last ones you maybe know already. I am not quitet anymore about what I do.
For this one, you have the pattern here, in the blog:

While making a test with this pattern, with green thread this time, some more size 15 Toho beads, I decided that I can try to make some funny xmas earrings. They need some more pearls or cristals... But they look festive. 

For this one, there is my ETSY pattern:
As for this little one, I used a patchwork button, poinsettia flower... It misses a bit of red or some glitter thing, have to think about it. I thought even that is would have a nice apearence on an organza present bag. 


  1. Everything looks so beautiful!!! I think everyone will stop!! :)

    1. Thank you! Hope this one too. I really have to show my husband that I can at least pay for my thread... and beads.. and tools... With the Internet, I stop. It's his job.