Saturday, November 9, 2013

Simple pattern for the bracelet white and silver

This is what I like with tatting: thre is always something to discover, to test, to try. It is not only the calming effect. How many times did I curse when I did a mistake I could not undo??
The word would be challenging. And rewarding. You know, that moment when you make the last double stich and your eyes are searching for the scissors? And then the little pice of some centimeters square (your worked for it some good 40 mins if not longer) lays in your hand and you say to your self: "Yup! I made it!"

So back to the bracelet I posted yesterday in Facebook... I played this time with a very basic edging, (what else?). Experimenting, tweaking, testing threads... It gave this: the white one were the first attemps, the black one has no picots for the exterior rings... It looks nicer, in my eyes. Both done in poliester thread Brildor 15.

Then I thought, what would it be if I make it in 2 colors? I had, after all, a rest of some silver thread already on my bobbin (strand of 3) so I used as second color a thread from Brildor, the 40, strand of 3.

Since the threads have different consistency, they behave differently and the effect surprised me: the lace has the stiffness I need and the white waves give a nice line.

The result :

I worked it with 2 shuttles. 
The pattern is easy to follow: 
All rings are 6-5-6, done with the silver metallic thread. 
All chains: 14, except the ends, white thread. 

Ring : 6-5-6, close, turn work 
Chain 14, turn work 
Ring 6 + 5 - 6, close, do not turn work
Ring: 11 - 6, close, turn work
Chain: 14, turn work... 

The only thing you have to take care of is to thake the right color for each element you will do. And, of course, not to rush, in order the make a neat colour transition. In my piece, I tried to carefully place the silver thread on the right side or on the wrong side of the lace when I started the next element. 

When you reached the needed lenght, then you use the following pattern: 
Chain 14 - 3 turn work
Ring 6 + 6 (join to the join picot from the braid). 
Ring: 3 + 14 - 3, do not turn work
Chain 3 +14. 

Of course, you may consider starting from the small 6-6 ring. Like this you can finish the lace with  the 3+ 14 + 3 ring and hide the thread you will not need anymore.

This would be it. Easy pattern for a newby... 
Just enjoy if you decide to work it and please let me know if there is something to improve. 


  1. Merci pour ton généreux partage Corina, tu es un zamour :)

    1. Quand verrai-je ton bracelet? Bisous!

    2. Il faut en premier que je termine tout ce que j'avais en cours Corina et en frivolité, je ne suis pas encore bracelet mais une pochette de sac pour une amie, il faut absolument que je le termine avant Noël, donc encore un peu de patience et je te montre ça :)

  2. Beautiful Bracelet and very easy instructions. thank you

  3. oh ça me donne envie de le faire aussi :)
    merci beaucoup Corina pour ton partage :)

  4. Very beautiful!!
    I'll tat this bracelet and show it on my blog.

  5. Thank you for the wonderful pattern, this is so easy to follow. I love making my own fashion bracelets to wear with my summer clothes, sometimes even to work. Do you have any way of incorporating beads or sequins in them without having to weave them in?

    1. Hello john rose. I am not sure I understand your way to add the beads. You can tat with the beads on the shuttles or adding them to the lace as you go. These beads will stay in the lace. (recommandable: a bit better quality beads, test them that they do not loose color).
      Another way: sew them carefuly in the lace according to your needs. This would let the lace intact.
      The third: make strands and weave them in the lace, you an also use beading needle to do it, It gives an interesting effect.
      Any way you choose, it must make fun!

  6. Bonjour!

    J'ai fait le collier et créé une paire de boucles d'oreilles pour l'accompagner. Merci pour ce patron qui fonctionne très bien!

    Si vous voulez voir une image, cherchez Tattimic sur Facebook. C'est là que je l'ai mise en ligne. :)

    Et joyeuses Fêtes!

    1. Biensûr j'irai voir! Je vous remercie, Stéphanie. ;)

  7. Such a wonderful and detailed explanation. The tatting bracelet looks like a great summer project. I love wearing sterling silver bracelet but I will have to try this. Maybe with beads!

  8. Bonsoir Corina.
    Peut on le faire à l'aiguille ce bracelet ? ;0)

    1. Biensûr, Sabrina. Un peu plus de patience, mais, oui, tout à fait faisable.

  9. So lovely and what a fantastic site, you're very talented! Thank you for sharing. I'm quite new to tatting and wonder if you could tell me whether I need to turn before the second 6-11 ring? And when you write turn do you mean to flip the work upside-down, or right to left. Thank you very much!

  10. Can this be done with a needle?, I do not know how to use a shuttle.