Sunday, April 30, 2017

How to empty a shuttle and fall onto a usable piece

Emptying my shuttle

After a bigger project there is always some thread left on the shuttle. This is how the flowers of the butterflies pile up in our boxes. In mine come shreads of ideas and some if them are not that bad.
Like this one:

The pattern is more than simple: all rings, increasing the double stitches amount by every petal.

R1: 4 - 8 - 4, close, do not turn.
R2: 4 + 10 - 5, close, do not turn.
R3: 5 + 12 - 6, close, do not turn.
R4: 6 + 14 - 7, close, do not turn.
R5: 7 + 16 - 8, close, do not turn.
R6: 8 + 18 - 9, close, do not turn.
R7: 9 + 20 - 10, close, leave a decent amount of thread, cut.

Now, for the finishing part, I used a 4 mm flat pearl with 2 holes and a small 3 mm cristall. You can see also in the picture below the finished tatted thingy.

Step 1: place the pearl and make the join to the picot fromt he last ring. Secure the bead by passing one time bach and bring back the thread to the picot.

Step 2: Pass the needle through the join between the R3 and R4. Secur this stitch also if you want.

Step 3: Pass the needle through the horizontal hole of the pearl to go on the other side. secure this bead.

This is how your piece should look like.

Last step: sew the cristal:

I made some of these to make a bracelet. It is a really fast project and still has some effect.
Where to find the 2 crossed beads? I found mine in bracelets like this one. The pearls shops in Tenerife sell them. I just love these beads. Pitty that Toho and Co do not produce them.

Have fun with the pattern. For any question, just drop me a message.

P.S. This is worked with Penny 30 Bordeaux from Edda.

P.P.S.: The result:


  1. What a cute way to finish off thread ! Thanks for sharing the pattern, too.

    1. Thank you. The pattern is not much of a pattern, just the finishing can help.

  2. Beautiful flower, thank you for sharing your pattern
    I will be on your island in June on holiday, I hope you will have some good weather, I need some sun.

    1. Glad if they can tempt you! When ecaclty will you be here in June? from the 3rd till teh 28th I go in Germany and Austria. Maybe we are lucky to meet.

    2. We are there from the 16th for one week. What a pity I will miss you, perhaps next time

  3. So beautiful Corina.Thanks for sharing.

    1. Have fun with it, when you get again the mood to tat after what happen the last days.

    2. Do you have a tutorial for sewing on beads? I need help with that part.

  4. Great little design!! :)
    I thought it was going to be an earring, and then you made a gorgeous bracelet instead!!! :)

    1. That's a very good idea! And then the necklace... some of these pot together... with a central element with a second round of chains... in gold... ideas!

  5. ah.. faudrait que je me remette à la frivolité !!!! Ca donne envie quand je vois tes belles créations et tes tutos !!

  6. I am an amateur tatter. I love your patterns. Missed your writeups and patterns as you seem to have taken a long holiday from your blogging. Great to see you again.

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