Saturday, March 1, 2014

Pattern for Emma

Remember this necklace? Emma does it for sure. She was waiting for the pattern and this for a good reason: it could become a bridal necklace.

So Emma, there you go. Have fun with it.
You must be familiar to work with layered rings, with the ring on ring technique. And yes, you must be able to close nicely a 40ds ring.
I advise you to make a test before you tat the real thing without any bead or pearl for 2 reasons. One of them is to see if this count of double stitches works well with your thread and the choice of your pearls. You can always change it, as long as you preserve some proportions. If this is the case, just buzz me, I’m here to assist. The second one, also very important: after you do the element without any bead or pearl, you will have a very clear idea of the beads you need. After you have done 1 test element of the necklace you can estimate thread length, the number of elements you will want to work and amount of pearls and seed beads.

It is a 2 shuttles pattern.

There are 2 possibilities to work this pattern.
11.       Tat with the seed beads on the shuttle (for the middle ring of the element). With a diamond shaped beaded picot you will have to sew in the pearl after. With a 3 beads picot you can use the normal technique of inserting a bead in a ring. .
22.        Tat with no bead on the shuttle thread but using the paper clips… This is the way I will show you.

What you should practice a bit before, would be this sequence: 

Start ring, work 10 – 5

Place the 3 seed beads on the thread, secure with paper clip.
This has this notation in the written pattern: 
··· (paper clip)
Work 1 ds

Place the seed bead and the pearl, secure with paper clip.
This has this notation in the written pattern:
l (paper clip)
Work 1 ds.

Put the secured pearl in a position that is not disturbing. Bring the seed beads in position and make the join. You will have a beaded picot with 3 seed beads and 2 ds in between. This kind of beaded picot has more stability ans it looks nicer. 

Work 5 – 10, close
Bring the pearl and make the join at the base of the ring.

What you need:
2 shuttles, crochet hook, a tool to place the seed beads on the thread, thread of your choice, seed beads, pearls (I used my 3,5 mm beads), 2 paper clips…

Start ring, 20 – 5 – 15, close, DNT.
Start ring below the previous one: 15 – 5 – 10, close, DNT.
Start ring below the previous one:
10 – 5 ··· (paper clip) 1 žl (paper clip) 1 join beaded picot 5 – 10, close ring.
When you have closed the ring bring the pearl at the base of the ring, make the join and, voilà, you have the bead in the middle of it. DNT.
Start ring ON TOP of the previous one : 10 + 5 – 15, close, DNT.
Start ring on top of the previous one: 15 + 5 – 20, close, turn work.
Start chain: 27 (feel free to make it shorter if you prefer it). Turn work.
Ring: 8 + 7 – 1, close, do not turn.
Ring: 1 + 7 – 8, close, turn work.
With the second shuttle start ring 10 ds, close. DNT.  A Josephine knot  has a nicer effect.
 Start chain: 27 (or the amount of ds you choose before).
This would be the pattern. I hope it is clear enough. 

A nice effect is also given by having a seed bead on the thread of the second shuttle, you will can bring it at the base of all the rings. And for the 2 smaller rings between the elements, you could consider place a drop bead or a dagger... Just a thought. I know that I will give it a try, I have the perfect beads for it.


  1. Oh so gorgeous!!! Thank you for sharing your pattern!!! :)

  2. Bardzo, bardzo piękny naszyjnik. Pokaż go na szyi !

    1. Thank you Urtica... Here you can see it:

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for the pattern.

    1. Thank you. Just let me know if you have troubles in following the pattern.

  4. Vraiment très joli ! Et merci pour le patron :) Il faudra que j'essaye les ronds "en relief" un jour, je trouve le rendu très sympa !

    1. Tu vas voir, ce n'est pas difficile de travailler les anneaux superposés. Si tu as besoin de quelques infos supp, dis-le-moi. Ici j'ai utilisé seulement les anneaux superposés simples. Le côté sympa est que ce patron a un joli effet des deux faces.

    2. Bonjour, merci pour vos explications, cela fait un moment que j'essaie et j'ai un soucis au niveau des anneaux superposés: vous dites de pas tourner mais est-ce que vous faites quand même un noeud? chez moi les anneaux se tordent un peu à la base. En tout cas votre modèle est magnifique!!!

    3. Les anneaux suerposés ne sont pas difficiles à faire, tout est dans la proportion des noeuds doubles. Quant au fait de tourner ou non le travail, il faut mentionner que je travaille à la navette. Par conséquant, je ne dois faire aucun noeud.

    4. Merci pour votre réponse, c'est vrai que je travaille à l'aiguille et mon résultat n'est pas aussi net que le votre mais je m'accroche ;-)

  5. très beau et merci pour le pattern

  6. It's very lovely! I don't care for jewelery much but I love the look of this... simple and elegant. Wonderful!

  7. Nu am rabdare sa invat dar admir aceste minunate bijuterii ce le realizezi!Felicitari!Sunt minunate!!!Toate!

    1. Ela, cu un pic de curaj si de rabdare, se invata. Merita efortul. Iar dupa asta, admiram noi ce iese din mainile tale.

  8. So lovely. I will just look at it and perhaps in a few years, I will be skilled enough to make it. I love the soft pink combined with the pearl! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Very beautiful And thank you very much for the pattern